Next release

Aioamqp 0.14.0

  • Fix waiter already exist issue when creating multiple queues (closes #105).
  • Rename type to message_type in constant.Properties object to be full compatible with pamqp.
  • Add python 3.8 support.

Aioamqp 0.13.0

  • SSL Connections must be configured with an SSLContext object in connect and from_url (closes #142).
  • Uses pamqp to encode or decode protocol frames.
  • Drops support of python 3.3 and python 3.4.
  • Uses async and await keywords.
  • Fix pamqp _frame_parts call, now uses exposed frame_parts

Aioamqp 0.12.0

  • Fix an issue to use correct int encoder depending on int size (closes #180).
  • Call user-specified callback when a consumer is cancelled.

Aioamqp 0.11.0

  • Fix publish str payloads. Support will be removed in next major release.
  • Support for basic_return (closes #158).
  • Support for missings encoding and decoding types (closes #156).

Aioamqp 0.10.0

  • Remove timeout argument from all channel methods.
  • Clean up uses of no_wait argument from most channel methods.
  • Call drain() after sending every frame (or group of frames).
  • Make sure AmqpProtocol behaves identically on 3.4 and 3.5+ wrt EOF reception.

Aioamqp 0.9.0

  • Fix server cancel handling (closes #95).
  • Send “close ok” method on server-initiated close.
  • Validate internal state before trying to send messages.
  • Clarify which BSD license we actually use (3-clause).

Aioamqp 0.8.2

  • Really turn off heartbeat timers (closes #112).

Aioamqp 0.8.1

  • Turn off heartbeat timers when the connection is closed (closes #111).
  • Fix tests with python 3.5.2 (closes #107).
  • Properly handle unlimited sized payloads (closes #103).
  • API fixes in the documentation (closes #102, #110).
  • Add frame properties to returned value from basic_get() (closes #100).

Aioamqp 0.8.0

  • Complete overhaul of heartbeat (closes #96).
  • Prevent closing channels multiple times (inspired by PR #88).

Aioamqp 0.7.0

  • Add basic_client_nack and recover method (PR #72).
  • Sends server-close-ok in response to a server-close.
  • Disable Nagle algorithm in connect (closes #70).
  • Handle CONNECTION_CLOSE during initial protocol handshake (closes #80).
  • Supports for python 3.5.
  • Few code refactors.
  • Dispatch does not catch KeyError anymore.

Aioamqp 0.6.0

  • The client_properties is now fully configurable.
  • Add more documentation.
  • Simplify the channel API: queue_name arg is no more required to declare a queue. basic_qos arguments are now optional.

Aioamqp 0.5.1

  • Fixes packaging issues when uploading to pypi.

Aioamqp 0.5.0

  • Add possibility to pass extra keyword arguments to protocol_factory when from_url is used to create a connection.
  • Add SSL support.
  • Support connection metadata customization, closes #40.
  • Remove the use of rabbitmqctl in tests.
  • Reduce the memory usage for channel recycling, closes #43.
  • Add the usage of a previously created eventloop, closes #56.
  • Removes the checks for coroutine callbacks, closes #55.
  • Connection tuning are now configurable.
  • Add a heartbeat method to know if the connection has fail, closes #3.
  • Change the callback signature. It now takes the channel as first parameter, closes: #47.

Aioamqp 0.4.0

  • Call the error callback on all circumtstances.

Aioamqp 0.3.0

  • The consume callback takes now 3 parameters: body, envelope, properties, closes #33.
  • Channel ids are now recycled, closes #36.

Aioamqp 0.2.1

  • connect returns a transport and protocol instance.

Aioamqp 0.2.0

  • Use a callback to consume messages.